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Kuwait Finance House (KFH)


We have been the incumbent agency for KFH for over 13 years and have worked alongside the Bank to create a brand that is seen as a leader in retail and business Islamic banking. We have developed everything from a corporate brand refresh, a full suite of retail products and campaigns, to branding and launching large investments for the Bank such as Diyar Homes and broadband company, Menatelecom.

Libshara 2017 Billboard_Insitu.jpg
Libsahra 2017 Poster_Insitu.jpg
Libsahra 2017 Dragon City Window Sticker.jpg
Libshara 2017 Pop Up Stand Render.jpg
Libshara 2017 Magazine_Render.jpg
Libsahra 2017 Dangler_Insitu.jpg
Tent Card Render.jpg
Prize Coupon Render.jpg
Automall Sitra Window Sticker_Insitu.jpg
Automall Poster Mock up.jpg
Automall Pop Up Stand_Render.jpg
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